Perfectly Imperfect

The lovely Sarah Baker, who I mentioned in a previous post, recently introduced me to the website  This is a brilliant resource for creating social media posts, fancy documents, e-book covers, you name it.  I’ve been using it a lot on my Facebook page and have had a good response to the posts I’ve used it to create.

Last week, I attempted to post the following quote from Oscar Wilde’s play “The Importance of Being Earnest” on Facebook :-

I used it to illustrate the point that in striving for perfection we deny ourselves happiness.  I thought it was rather neat – you may feel differently.

People seemed to like the post.  I had a few positive reactions and someone even shared it.  So it was with a degree of horror that I looked at it later and noticed that it wasn’t quite right.  Instead of the words “by Oscar Wilde” shown in the version above,  it actually said “Add subheading”.

I was not happy.  My carefully created Facebook post had a mistake in it.  I had to correct it.  Except I couldn’t.  As far as I could see, the only way I could rectify my error was by deleting the post then replacing it with the correct version.  Could I do that?  Would it confuse people if it disappeared temporarily?  Would someone notice a new post from me that looked very similar to a previous one and think I’d lost the plot?  Possibly.  But I couldn’t leave it there, looking like that.  Could I?

I suddenly found myself laughing out loud as the irony struck me.  My Facebook post about not trying to be perfect wasn’t perfect.  And as such it was, in fact, closer to perfection than I ever imagined.  I didn’t need to change it, just to accept it.

Just as we should all accept our own imperfections.

Author: Nigel Szczepaniak

I have spent more than thirty years working as a Pharmacist but have now also qualified as a Hypnotherapist and NLP Coach. I live in beautiful Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland.

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