Frequently asked questions

So you’ve had a look around my website and I hope you’ve got to know a little bit about me.  But I’m sure there are other things you’d like to know.  These are a few questions I’ve been asked but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there’s anything else you’re not sure about.


Why three sessions?
Some hypnotherapists will tell you that can sort everything out in one session. Others will leave everything open-ended so you don’t know what you’re committing yourself to. I work on the basis that one session will make you feel better but you’re not going to get the full benefit and it probably won’t last. I want to help you achieve significant permanent change and that takes me three sessions.
Will it work?
Everyone responds differently but I’m confident that if you want to change the way you feel then I can help you to do that. All I ask is that you come to your sessions with a genuine desire to change, you engage with the process, and you let me do what i do best – help you.
Does it wear off?
There’s absolutely no reason why the effects of hypnotherapy should wear off. Quite the reverse in fact – as you start enjoying your new-found feeling of safety and freedom from fear your behaviour will change. The positive feelings you get from this will just reinforce the benefits of your hypnotherapy.
Is it like you see on the TV?
That depends what you’ve seen on the TV. If it was a comedy hypnotist making people run around a stage clucking like chickens, then no it isn’t. But if you’ve seen a proper hypnotherapist helping someone to make a positive change then it probably bears some similarity to that. But bear in mind that all hypnotherapists and their clients are different.
What if I can’t relax?
I’ve had quite a few clients tell me they can’t switch off and relax. The reason for this is that they’re generally telling themselves they have to – how relaxing is that? I work in a way that is much less direct – clients find themselves relaxing without even noticing that’s what they’re doing.