Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Let’s be honest with ourselves.  Losing weight – and keeping it off – is tough.  It’s slow, it’s boring and it usually requires us to give up lots of things we enjoy.  Sometimes it feels like an awful lot of effort for little, if any, reward.

If only it could be easier.  If only you could look better, feel healthier, and stay that way without feeling hungry and deprived.  If only you could build the changes you need to make into your daily life so that eating healthily and exercising more would just come naturally to you.

With hypnotherapy it can be easier.  Sadly, hypnotherapy can’t make you lose weight, but it can help you to make those changes necessary for weight loss to occur steadily, naturally and painlessly.  Thinking about what you’re eating rather than just mindlessly munching away at whatever you can get your hands on.  Choosing healthier foods while allowing yourself the occasional treat.  Enjoying exercise and finding time to fit it into your day.

Over the course of six hypnotherapy sessions, I’ll work with you in a combination of conscious waking state and hypnotic trance to:

  • Identify why you want/need to lose weight
  • Decide on your personal weight loss target
  • Find the obstacles to your weight loss
  • Change your relationship with food
  • Identify your problem foods
  • Change your attitude towards exercise
  • Make healthy new behaviour a long-term part of your life

In this way, without humiliating weigh-ins, complicated diet sheets or lists of forbidden foods, I’ll help you to reach your weight loss goal.