Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

You really want to stop smoking – of course you do.  But it’s hard.  It’s been said that heroin is easier to give up than nicotine, so don’t feel bad if your previous attempts have ended in frustration and failure.

It’s not your fault that you’re addicted to nicotine.  Yes – you chose to take that first drag and you chose to persevere when it made you cough and feel sick.  But you didn’t choose to get hooked.

The reason it’s so difficult for you to stop smoking is that nicotine is controlling you.  Within a short time of sneaking that first cigarette behind the bike sheds, nicotine hijacked the part of your brain that makes you feel pleasure.  Before long, that feeling you liked, the one you got when you puffed on a cigarette, became a feeling you needed.

But you can break free.

In a hypnotherapy session, I’ll start by looking at why you want to stop smoking, trying to make those reasons as positive as possible.  You have to really want to stop, so it’s important that there’s something in it for you.

Then I’ll ask you to think about what you get out of smoking, other than the obvious nicotine-hit.  Maybe it’s a few minutes alone to think, or relief from stress, or a feeling that you’re treating yourself.

Finally, after putting you into a relaxing hypnotic state, I’ll use the information you’ve given me to equip you with the tools you need to stop smoking for good without going through uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

Some people find they can stop smoking after just one hypnotherapy session, but many find they need a course of two or three to fully break the hold that nicotine has on them.

But with your desire to quit combined with the help hypnotherapy can offer, you’ll soon break free.