Hypnotherapy for Confidence

We’re all born with as much self-confidence as anyone really needs.  We don’t come into this world thinking we’re stupid, or ugly or simply not good enough.  And for most of us, it gets better from there – all our bodily needs are met, we’re loved, we’re cared for, we’re told we’re the most perfect little person in the world.

Even if we’re not.

Then it all starts to go wrong.  You make a mistake and they all laugh at you.  You don’t get picked for the football/hockey/netball  team.  The beautiful/handsome stranger at the bar gives you the brush off.  If you have a naturally strong sense of self these things will be no more than temporary setbacks.  But if, like many of us, you’re uncomfortably sensitive to what others think of you, these knocks start to take their toll.

Your confidence starts to ebb away.

Little by little you convince yourself that you’re stupid, that you’re useless, that you’re unattractive.  That you’re not good enough.

Of course it’s not true.  Sometimes you make mistakes but so does everyone else, and most of the time you get it right.  You’re not great at sport but you’re a talented musician, artist or cook.  And lots of people seek out your company because they like to be around you.

Unfortunately, your unconscious mind isn’t buying that.  Your unconscious mind clings on to that false belief that you’re not good enough.  And your unconscious mind, responsible for how you feel inside, is in control.  And believe it or not, it’s acting in what it thinks are your best interests, making you wary of situations where you might get hurt.  But like an over-protective parent, it stops you from taking the risks you need to allow you to grow and learn.

Your loss of confidence may only show itself in specific circumstances – exams, job interviews, meeting new people.  Or it may be more general, leading you to feel uncomfortable in your own skin.

Using hypnotherapy, I can talk directly to your unconscious mind.  I can help it to understand that it doesn’t need to protect you from minor setbacks in life, that you’re strong enough to move on from them, that it’s okay for it to let you feel confident.

One session may be all you need to feel a whole lot better about yourself, or you may prefer a course of treatments to really build up your confidence.

You are an amazing human being – I can help you believe that.