Hypnotherapy for Fears and Phobias

We all have our fears.  Fear is normal – it protects us from things that might do us harm like a man with a gun, a hungry lion or a poisonous spider.

But sometimes fear gets out of control.  Instead of protecting us it imprisons us.  We become afraid of things that are no threat to us.  A common British house spider can’t hurt anyone but for some people just seeing one in the room can be terrifying.  When we are terrified by something which we know, deep down, presents little or no danger, a rational fear has tipped over into an irrational phobia.

Phobias tend to develop early in life, but may not be triggered until later.  Often they are learned behaviours.  Perhaps a child sees his or her mother showing fear towards a dog.  The mother knows that this particular dog is vicious but doesn’t think to explain this to her child who goes on to develop a phobia towards dogs.  Phobias can also develop as a response to traumatic situations – a young child falls into a pond and almost drowns, growing up with a fear of water.

While it may be interesting to identify the cause of a phobia, it is perfectly possible for hypnotherapy to overcome it without doing so.  In a relaxing hypnotic trance you will learn to associate the situation that causes you such paralysing fear with feelings of calm and control.

Your fear will be greatly reduced after your first hypnotherapy situation, but it may take up to three sessions to completely eradicate it.